The Centre for Nuclear Medicine and PET Eaubonne is a private clinique on the Eaubonne site of the Simone Weil Hospital. It accepts patients who require an examination by nuclear medicine (scintigraphy) or by PET.

What is a Scintigraphy ?
It is a functional imaging technique which allows for the administration of a limited quantity of radioactive product. This product is either injected alone or as a combination with another molecule allowing for tracking of the biological process. The detection of the gamma rays emitted by the mole can be seen on a Gamma Camera. Bone scintigraphy shows for example the process of sythesis/destruction of the bone and highlights the areas where the metabolism is abnormal/

Principle indications of Scintigraphy
Endocrinology (thyroid) Carcinology, Pneumology, Bone and Cardiology
Cardiac examinations, using effort, are supervised by a caridaologist.

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What is the PET ?
The PET is a high performing medical imaging technique that detects certain types of cancer. The PET depends on injecting a radioactive substance (18FDG) into the body before proceeding with the examination by PET Scanner. This radioactive product attaches itself easily to the cancer cells in formation and is producted by a medical cyclotron.

Each year over 7000 patients benefit form this type of technology and diagnostic control by isotope medical professionals.

Security :
The Scintigraphy Centre Paris Nord in Sarcelles meets all the normes of radio-protection required for patient and personnel. The Centre controlled annually by the Nuclear Security Authority who publish the findings of their visit.


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Equipment :

  • A laboratory for the preparation of treatment
  • A Gamma Camera Siemens - Type Ecam Dual
  • A Gamma Camera hybrid (scintigraphy and scanography) Siemens Symbia T
  • A PET-CT Siemens - type Biography True V
  • A gym room for all cardiac examinations under effort
  • A ventilation room ? a decompression room ?

Patients living in the Sarcelles-Gonnesse area or Saint-Denis can be accepted at the Scintigraphy Centre Paris Nord or at the PET Centre Roger PEREZ in Sarcelles.