Our team


The Centre's practioners are :

Isotope Doctors making up the team at the SELARL Médecine Nucléaire D'Eaubonne

Doctor Al-Iyad HALLAJ
Doctor Arabi RAMADAN

For PET examinations, Dr Bruno de La Rochefoucauld and Doctor Catherine TAINTURIER are at your service.

Illustration Nos Equipes


Our administration and registration teams :

Medical Secretaries : help the medical team to organise appointments and write up doctors' notes from examinations. Our secretaries will welcome you and will ensure that you have all the information necessary for your treatment at the centre. They can also arrange your transport to and from the centre.

Electroradiology Technicans : prepare you for your examination, explaining the process and adminstering the treatment following your medical prescription.

Nurses : will administer your radiopharmaceutical injections and oversee the examination in particular those of a cardiac nature.

Radiologist : will organise and supervise the quality control of the diagnostic equipment in close collaboration with the personnel in charge.